Missy and Truman Hit Nashville. Rubel Photography Family Photography Nashville, TN

029-10042016Missy and I go back, dare I say, to a simpler time in life.
Elementary..Middle School..and High School.

It was great to see her again and to meet Truman.

001-10042016Nashville has come a long way since our school days.
So much to see and do, now..it’s a really beautiful city.005-10042016

011-10042016They were a lot of fun..we walked and talked, trying to catch up in between shots.

017-10042016bwmaking memories~


We tried to hit all the spots that scream Nashville..I think we did pretty good. :o)


010-10042016I have so many favorites..they just did a fantastic job.



Nashville has so much to offer. We could have been there for 2-3 more hours..but it was a little warm…and we had been walking a lot..so we were pleased with what we did :o)

love birds~

006-10042016So many beautiful places and they look amazing.

013-10042016019-10042016I do love this shot.

They are so cute and she still has the prettiest dimples.

025-10042016love all the colors

028-10042016Gears are just cool.


It’s always a good idea to get a nice headshot at your session.

014-10042016Rolling on the River~

030-10042016Love this


Nashville, you treated us good.

007-10042016Missy and Truman, we loved hanging out..yall were spectacular models.

Blessings on the years to come and continue to take good care of each other.

“Let the name of the Lord be praised now and forever. From dawn until sunset the name of the Lord deserves to be praised. The Lord is far above all of the nations; he is more glorious than the heavens. No one can compare with the Lord our God.” Psalms 113:2-5

Rachel Senior Class of 2017. Rubel Photography Mt Juliet Tn Senior Photographer

037-10052016She calls this the “Pocahontas” shot.
I LOVE this!
Bright sunny afternoon, side lighting, courtesy of the sun..no flash, me on the ground.
She walked towards me about 4 different times..I took various shots and then she started tossing her hair..wow!
I love that I caught it.
Thank you Lord!
Pretty much just straight out of the camera..I lightened her face a tad, and ran over the sky and grass with a saturation brush, slight sharpen..wowza!
We had a fantastic session.

This is my back yard..almost 4 acres..we mow paths and have planted various trees.
She is under the shade of our Pin Oak, with off camera flash..through an umbrella.
She is quite beautiful and has mastered some mad make-up skills.


I have hair envy..and she and her mom had great ideas and suggestions on poses.
Her skin, her hair..and that burgundy shade. eek~


She is also a very talented musician.
I love when Seniors bring props that are important to them..I think it helps to make the session more personal.

021-10052016This is a gorgeous instrument..and her eyes are the most beautiful jewel-toned baby blue I have ever seen.


Shy smile love love love


064-10052016She has cool clothes, too :o)


Beautiful head-shots with a really long lens make me very happy.


051-10052016I love this crop.
baby blues
Love this one, like all the others.
It was a fun and very satisfying session.
Everyone is so unique, they really have their own style and if I can help to show that through their pictures, then we all walk away thrilled and excited.

Thanks for a terrific afternoon…and all mom’s help, and the wonderful and creative ideas.

“I praise you, Lord, for being my guide. Even in the darkest night, your teachings fill my mind. I will always look to you, as you stand beside me and protect me from fear. With all my heart, I will celebrate, and I can safely rest.” Psalms 16:7-9

Meyer Family Summer Fun. Mt Juliet TN Rubel Photography Family Photographer

Tall and handsome dad..beautiful and very sweet mom..beautiful little girls..I’m always glad when they visit.

006-09192016First-born..independent and very curious..can lead the way with no worries :o)

004-09192016Second-born..she is curious, too, but some of her curiosity is focused on following her big sister, haha.
They are so pretty..love their fancy skirts~

031-09192016I love this shot..big sister had hopped down from the swing..little sister was headed down, too.
So true to life, haha!

034-09192016They love to play with daddy…


…and mommy~


055-09192016I invaded her quiet space..but it was such a pretty moment.
This yard has many beautiful pathways..and she really enjoyed exploring.

057-09192016So did little sister.



Cute couple.

001love love..sweet smile..and her eyes are so blue.

036-09192016love this too..look at those eyelashes



026-09192016Strolling with daddy.





077-09192016Real-life, folks. :o)

Thanks for another wonderful afternoon.

I always wish we had more time to chat..but these pretty girls are growing up and time is precious.

Thanks again for the visit and yall continue to take care~

“Our Lord, you are eternal! Your word will last as long as the heavens. You remain faithful in every generation, and the earth you created will keep standing firm. All things are your servants, and the laws you made are still in effect today.” Psalms 119:89-91

Beam Family Fun. Nashville Tn Family Photography. Rubel Photography Mt Juliet Tn

030-10022016And that’s how they roll.

044-10022016Plenty of laughter and fun.


Creative bunch, too.

028-10022016They are both talented, great parents, hard-working, and totally photogenic~

005-10022016Handsome fella..#2


Handsome fella #1

022-10022016What a wonderful package~



040-10022016So, while I’m taking pictures of the guys..this is what mom and dad are doing, haha!

012-10022016L O V E




just can’t be too serious :o)


but you can be seriously beautiful~

love love love


I’m telling you..we just had ourselves a really good time at the Bi Centennial Mall area.

They did a great job!


048-10022016049-10022016And then we were all tired and done.
It was a perfect afternoon and we made and captured a lot of great memories.
Thanks for being a wonderful family..thanks for being an awesome hairdresser..you are so much better than a bartender..listening to all my stuff, haha!
..and thanks for a wonderful afternoon and for being so beautiful~

“Heaven and earth will praise our God, and so will the oceans and everything in them. God will rescue Jerusalem, and He will rebuild the towns of Judah. His people will live there on their own land, and when the time comes, their children will inherit the land. Then everyone who loves God will also settle there.” Psalms 69:34-36

Jack at 18 months. Mt Juliet TN Children’s Photography. Rubel Photography Milestone Photography


Sweet precious boy..where has the time gone?

I met Jack and his wonderful family at his 3 months session.


Well, he captured my heart right away. :o)

024-09222016I’ve enjoyed him at every session since then.


004-09222016so many smiles from Jack~

018-09222016He’s not scared of much.

Love Love Love


Well, he Loved the John Deere.

This is so “Jack”

003-09222016squeeze him


This is split-second stillness on Jack’s part..honestly..if that long, haha..love this shot..I was super-dooper fast on the click.


He loved being outside on the toys.

Mom was such a great help..behind me..getting Jack to smile..doing whatever it took…bless her.

016-09222016 We could have started and ended with this tractor..his favorite.
So sweet~

023-09222016Mom always brings a nice variety of outfits..can’t believe we are beginning Fall.

012-09222016 slow down time..let us just savor the precious simple moments~

021-09222016We had to get at least one shot of him beside the ladder, and not on top of it, haha..love this!

014-09222016Well, Jack says bye, until next time..and he will have a new little brother or sister with him on the next visit.
I’m so excited and happy for them.
Thanks Jack and mom for a wonderful morning..loved chatting and playing with Jack, or rather, watching him play, haha.

“As long as I live, I will sing and praise You, the Lord God. I hope my thoughts will please You, because You are the one who makes me glad.” Psalms 104: 33, 34

Halen Portrait Session. Mt Juliet TN Portrait Photography Rubel Photography

007-08032016Halen is beautiful.
021-08032016bwShe has an easiness about her that, along with her looks, makes her seem older.
She’s 16.

011-08032016so so pretty

014-08032016She needed current portraits/headshots for her modeling portfolio.

Even though she is surrounded by the drama of black, she looks soft and stands out, in spite of her dark hair. I’ve loved working with black backdrops for a while.

003-08032016We changed her poses, trying to get a good variety in our session.
She looked great, no matter what we did. :o)
015-08032016bw005-08032016020-08032016I love all of the shots we took and I love the colors she wore..black, burgundy, and dusty pink..perfect for her and her personality.

001-08032016019-08032016bw009-08032016love love love
I have north-facing windows, covered by a porch, so my lights are from strobes and reflectors. I love to try and mimic window light..despite the shape of my softboxes..I work with what I have and see what I can do.

016-08032016bw018-08032016We were all pretty pleased with these shots.
I truly enjoyed our time together and have high hopes for her future.

“I will love You, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in who I will trust. My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” Psalms 18:1, 2

Tessa Turns 1. Cake Smash Birthday Milestone Session Photography. Mt Juliet TN Child Photography. Rubel Photography

070-08242016Hey Bright Eyes~


You get a little extra attention and loving on your 1 year Birthday~

026-08242016and that’s ok with you.


You’ll even pass out kisses on your day~

001-08242016I love this couple and have enjoyed seeing their little family grow..so blessed!

034-08242016She is such a sweetie..mom and dad helped and I love so many of these…ugh~


Just like her momma..she looks wonderful in or near purple.


She has her daddy’s deep blue eyes.


007-08242016squeeze to pieces.

013-08242016melt again.
I LOVE this shot..so much.

We were down near my creek..in the shady areas..from 1-2pm.
I used a shoot through umbrella with my AB800..just to fill a bit and add a pop. I also tried to use a white sheet below/before them, to reduce the green color cast caused from being surrounded by so much green.
We were hot but cooled off between her clothes changes, haha..so worth it, I have a lot of favorites from this session.

021-08242016This girl has the best giggle..it’s deep, unique, and she does it a lot.
My face hurt. Mom and Dad could bring out the best in her. yay~~:o)

037-08242016Kiss those toes, and fingers, and cheeks!


She’s ok with that!

045-08242016We went inside for her cake smash..I think she was excited.

046-08242016uhm, yes, please.

049-08242016She liked it!

052-08242016and she was willing to share, haha!

060-08242016Well, she had a great time and we sure did, too.
Bless that sweet girl for many more wonderful years~

Thanks Erica and Spencer..yall were so much help, and I loved every minute!!
Got my “Tessa fix” :o)

“There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.” Psalms 46:4,5